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No UK surf trade show this year – lack of industry support and a general lack of interest killed it.

We received an email today that The HUB is not happening this year. The organisers blame lack of industry support (man, we know about that) and have officially thrown in the towel.

So, what does that say about the state of the UK surf industry?

Do we even need a UK surf industry trade show?

If you booked a stand or decided not to, we’d like to hear from you about why you didn’t want to support this year’s event. We don’t have an opinion one way or the other, but it would be interesting to find out what happened. Email me here.

The HUB - cancelled

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  • Rob Haigh

    HUB – for what is was – was good value full stop.

    If look you at doing other shows or exhibitions you would have to pay between £250 – £350 sqm

    Also the UK buyers who would have attended HUB are the targeted customers this segment wanted.


    In a recession

    Do it in a Hotel with big function rooms or something along those lines, Buying Groups do this.

    You can make the stands corporate etc and show the products off (that’s it)

    (Keeping in mind all the brands budgets was the key to any show being staged.)

    As i said before network with the other brands, hire a hall and do a grass root event together!

  • It’s a shame to see an industry event fall back and not be able to continue for a second year running. It’s a good idea, and no doubt a plus for the UK industry, these events bring people together and allow companies to develop relationships amongst each other, which can lead to good development in the future.

    No one needs to go on about how hard the market is at the moment, we all know it, and it does mean that spending comes down to a minimum, and any expense needs to be scrutinised for the small brands and bigger brands alike. It’s a downward spiral, the people are spending less, the companies have less to spend, good ideas and industry events and publications don’t get the finance they need, and it continues to pull everyone down.

    We don’t sell products, so didn’t feel this particular show appropriate for us, more suitable for retailers. We will be exhibiting at this years Boardmasters, and also supporting the London Surf Show which is running for the first time this year (fingers crossed that will run!).

    So in short the Hub not running is a shame for everyone, the organisers through to the rest of the industry. The industry is at the mercy of the consumers, and as long as the mass media continue to paint such a negative picture it’s hard to see things changing so we’re all going to have to get much more creative and work together in order to keep the industry strong.