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SurfAid’s Tom Plummer and other assessment teams spent yesterday surveying the damage in villages along the tsunami affected areas of North Pagai and South Pagai. Photo: Luke Gerson

We checked in with our buddy in the Metawais last night, who thankfully replied back pretty sharpish. Luke writes, “Thanks for the message. We actually just got back to Oz a week or so ago, so that was lucky timing on our part. All of our friends in the region are safe and accounted for, but many local communities have been devastated. The West Sumatran Charter Boat Association and Surfaid are coordinating relief efforts at the moment. The charter boats are often first on the scene with aid, but it may be easier to direct your readers to donate to Surfaid (if you feel it’s appropriate).

Hopefully you feel it’s appropriate, and if you do, click the image below to help out.

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  • Siloinak Surf Resort’s team for Mentawai Tsunami needs your help

    Surfers send emergency supplies to the Mentawai islands. We need your help.

    Hi, I am Gilles Bordessoule, a Frenchman living in the Mentawai islands since 2004. I manage Siloinak Surf Resort, near Siberut , the largest island of the archipelago.
    The 25 October, a tsunami strikes the west coasts of the islands of Pagai and Sipora, severely damaging or destroying about 30 villages and two surf resorts. Rescue teams have collected 500 bodies as far as now, but the number of casualties in isolated villages is unknown, as there is no phone or radio communication. A rough sea and strong winds make access to these villages very difficult.
    A ship chartered by the American surfer Matt Georges (Last Mile Operation) has left Padang the 27, loaded with food and medical supplies. We plan to sail with our boat as soon as possible and deliver to the population of isolated villages material for building shelters : 4 tons of tarpoline, nylon ropes, hammers, saws, nails for building around 200 family shelters. Transportation and delivery request 4 tons of fuel.
    The cost of this operation is about 9000 USD, of which Siloinak Surf Resort will finance a part, but we hope help from you allowing to repeat this operation some days after with other kinds of supplies.
    This is why we send this request for donations. You can send yours by bank transfer to :

    Mandiri Bank
    Address : KC Padang Lapangan Imam Bonjo, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia
    Account Name : Bordessoule Gilles
    Account Number : 111-00-0445103-1

    These monies will be used exclusively for the purchase and delivery of goods given to the Mentawai people. You can learn more about Siloinak Surf Resort and the sustainable development actions we have organized in the Mentawai on . Reports and accounts concerning this operation will be published in , « Sustainable Development » pages.
    If you had other proposals for helping the Mentawai people, please contact me at info at The reconstruction will last several months.

    Gilles and Novie Bordessoule.