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Stream Freedom Limited has launched a new Kickstarter campaign, with a goal to bring you HD Live-video feeds from all of the UK Pro Surf Association stops on The 2017 UK Pro Surf Tour.

Perhaps not a name known instantly among the surfing community, Stream Freedom has been working behind the scenes for the past two years on The UK Pro Surf Tour & The British Longboard Union, introducing live scoring, updates and post heat interviews via each organization’s social media sites in addition to writing the official press releases and designing the odd poster.

Spearheaded by Surf Science & Technology Graduate Tyler Worth, Stream Freedom is now setting its sights on delivering full live-video coverage of The UK Pro Surf Tour, roaming from the UKPSA’s hometown of Newquay, Cornwall to Scotland’s Thurso Surf Festival and each competitive tour stop in between.

Founder Tyler Worth reveals;

“Starting a business is often described as both a feat of unprecedented perils & the most rewarding journey imaginable. It is at this, the pitching point of Kick-starting Stream Freedom Limited that I find myself welcoming any & all contributions of hope and goodwill for the accelerated tumble ahead.

Stream Freedom will not be just about my work in the UK’s surfing scene, but will always look to share those events that bring a unique joy for its viewers, hopefully covering our wealth of local and National celebrations both cultural & historical & those events close to our hearts and industries.”

Stream Freedom’s live-streams will be captured via a HD DSLR camera & streamed using the latest mobile-network bonding technology, which combines several 3g/4g mobile networks and/or any available Wi-Fi networks on site to produce a strong live-stream connection, able to produce high quality 1080p or 720p professionally captured video feeds.

This allows broadcasting to the UKPSA YouTube/ Facebook live platforms with an extremely mobile equipment setup and specifically delivers a huge market advantage in locales such as Cornwall, Wales & Scotland where mobile network coverage is far superior to local broadband speeds without requiring direct line of sight to satellites or broadcasting vehicles popular with other live-streaming companies.

Possibilities of multiple camera angles and the inclusion of outstanding UK Pro Surf Tour commentators, Lee Bartlett & Nick Williams certainly exist in the near-future for the UK Pro Surf Association as their online audience is expected to triple its already impressive social media reach of 1,441,972 people. (Jan 1st 2016 – December 30th 2016)

“Introducing live footage of our professional surf tour really is the next phase in strengthening the UK Pro Surf Association and supporting our upcoming, professional athletes. These surf events are not only an elite training circuit for our Nation’s surfers but for many it is also their career, showcasing their talents over live-video is an important link for their supporters and sponsors.

The UKPSA aims to attract and support talented members of its production team, especially when their efforts are focused on bringing something unique and valuable to the UK Pro Surf Tour, bringing in an external camera crew to fulfil this role is not only a logistical challenge for some of our remote locations, but is also beyond our current budgets and not specifically tailored to our niche industry.”

– UKPSA Tour Director, Dave Reed

You can support Stream Freedom’s Kickstarter campaign at:

or contact: [email protected] for more details

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