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1-san-silvestre-surfera2What’s your plan for New Year’s Eve? Dinner at home and then hitting the pub? Camping under the stars with some friends? Welcoming the new year around a bonfire on a deserted beach?

All cool… but what about that last surf of 2009? Mmmm… fancy a little paddle race? The guys who run the Longboard Festival de Salinas are putting the first of what is expected to become a classic: the San Silvestre Surfera Playa de Salinas. On December the 31st grab your chunkiest board (all boards are accepted, from under 7’0s to SUPs) and paddle along a nice stretch of Asturian coastline in the company of plenty of like-minded friends, from the nearby Playa de Arnao to Salinas.

The inscription is free –at the Club Náutico de Salinas from 10am on the same day- and you’ll get a tee-shirt and some hot and steamy chocolate con churros on your arrival. There’ll be prices for the top 3 of each category and lots of that same joyful spirit that has made the Salinas Festival famous worldwide.


All the info HERE.


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