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kai_thumbIt does feel a little like cheating but kudos to Kai Lenny for taking on such a monster wave and conquering it (although it does look like he is running away at times, but who would blame him).
While the paddle-in surfers were floundering in the massive swell and blustery conditions, Lenny rode in from the deep on a 1.8 metre (6 ft) motorised surfboard made of Kevlar and carbon fibre.
The JetSurf is Propelled with a 100cc engine that maxes out at 61km per hour, technically it’s fast enough to get a speeding ticket if you used it on dry land – which one wouldn’t recommend.

It is built using parts and components manufactured by a Czech company MSR Engines, who specialize in the development of combustion engines and special electronics. Some of MSR Engines’ clients include: BMW and Skoda.

Lenny says the JetSurf is a cross between a formula one car and a jet ski. “She’s gonna purr, watch this! It’s pretty nuts!”

JetSurf spokesman Philipp Wolf says, “Kai Lenny needed some extra speed so he took the JetSurf Pro Race for the ultimate test. What Lenny has done with the JetSurf on a super heavy break like ‘Jaws’ is what top motorsport car manufacturers do on the Nürburgring in Germany, its like the ultimate test, and we are proud to have succeeded.

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The JetSurf – small enough to fit in a car and be carried to the water

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