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Filmmaker and surf traveller Arthur Bourbon launched his latest film “Inna di Caribbean” earlier this year. It was premiered at a number of film festivals over the summer and is now available as a series of web episodes.

Reef ambassador Arthur, who was born in Guadeloupe (French West Indies), travelled from his current home in mainland France to explore the lesser Antilles islands. Arthur documents the journey passing through Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia and Barbados, meeting local people, surf communities and trying to reconnect with his roots.

Surrounded by beautiful scenery and enjoying great surf sessions.

The first episode sees Arthur travel to Dominica. Enjoy the Caribbean beats…

It was at Pointe-à-Pitre’s harbor where the journey began. A few days after my arrival in Guadeloupe, my native island, we headed South to our first destination: Dominica.

Simon, a cameraman friend and I took a short ferry ride linking the two islands, which remain very different despite their close proximity. A former British colony, Dominica stands out from other islands of the archipelago with its authenticity due to a much slower development. Children in uniform fresh from school amongst rastas, few hotels and even fewer tourists, the scene is set immediately.

After a quick tour of the island, we have an appointment with Ras and Laurent to go surfing. They are both part of a tiny surf community only consisting of a dozen people. With Billy, a surfing pioneer in Dominica, they founded the WRAD (Wave Rider Alliance of Dominica) collecting materials to teach kids to surf. Despite the slight swell we could share some waves at Scott’s head on the south coast before having lunch at a neighboring restaurant. It was a perfect opportunity to gift them some boards, fins and leashes we brought from Guadeloupe.

After exploring the vast coastline and potential surf spots, we left our new found surf friends and headed for the mountains on a mission to explore the intense Dominican hinterland. It is at the edge of one of the islands many rivers where we met James Moses, a true Rastafari, dropping everything and moving to the Zion Valley near Victoria Falls to live his life as he wishes; in harmony with nature.

One of those rare meetings, with a man in accordance with his principles. Living with his family in a small wooden house near the river, Moses grows vegetables alongside a variety of exotic plans to feed and heal himself and his relatives. A renowned herbalist, he even wrote a book: Zion Valley Herbal Medicine.

He has another cabin where he welcomes visitors wanting to experience the ‘Rasta way of life,’ so we decided to spend the night there feasting on an Ital dinner (vegan Rastafari cuisine), sharing his spirituality and his knowledge of nature and plants. Dominica is blessed with world class waves and hidden gems waking up only a few times each year. Our call has been poor in surfing but rich in beautiful meetings. It is now time for us to head South again towards Martinique. 

Arthur Bourbon

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All images Reef / Arthur Bourbon

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