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Patrick Trefz, who left us speechless a couple of years ago with Thread, is now presenting us with stills of his latest project: Idiosyncrasies.

Patrick has his own particular vision of the surfing world through the unique characters he portrays. While some are more famous than others, they all have in common that they shine in obscurity far from the mainstream surf media limelight. But that is no obstacle and their stories have a profound impact on us all nevertheless.

Harbour Bill. Photo by Patrick Trefz



Andrew Kidman. Photo by Patrick Trefz


Lance Glassing. Photo by Patrick Trefz


Josh Mulcoy. Photo by Patrick Trefz


Tom Curren. Photo by Patrick Trefz

Idiosyncrasies a photo exhibition by Patrick Trefz. June 4 – July 4 at Galería NoColor, Donostia – San Sebastián.


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