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Ok so cyclones aren’t really your friend and are definitely something you shouldn’t wish for, but when they do swing by the aftermath can serve up some decent and unusual waves that are often not to be missed.

So, despite a trail of destruction there is some gold to be had… Every cloud and all that.

For this silver lining the big swell had come in and was something like 6-10 ft. You can still paddle out in this but a wipeout is something you try to keep far from your mind.

The local south-east winds shaped those big wave sets like a masterpieces

This was the first tropical cyclone swell hitting the east coast at the tail end of last year and it was incredible… After a period of nearly two months without decent waves, this backlash brought happiness to many fellow surfers.

Tropical Cyclone Tuni was the responsible for this clean, decent sized easterly swell. Remotely located 231 miles south-southeast of Pago Pago, American Samoa and reaching winds of up to 46 MPH, it shaped up an excellent and fun mid-sized wave, perfect to kick off the start of summer here in Australia.

What was even better? The local south-east winds shaped those big wave sets like a masterpieces… Very photogenic.

Words and images by Nico Palacios

The eye of the cyclone was located over 200 miles from Pago Pago in American Samoa

tropical cyclone tuni

Three’s company… Are they really sharing one board?





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