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Apologies for pimping my opinions all over Drift, but if you are someone who enjoys surfing or fishing, this is worth a minute of your time.

I share a lot of opinions with Hugh FW, so please don’t dismiss him as another toff with too much time on his hands. He’s passionate about his land, what he grows on it, his family and his food.

I don’t have much time for celebrity chefs but Hugh is a different kettle of fish, so to speak. Watching his show last night, got me posting here. Without waxing lyrical about all and sundry, just support the cause if you’ve got a moment; it’s worthy and sensible.

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  • I agree, watched this last night its disgusting how fish are treated.
    I am a fisherman myself which is why I feel quite strongly about Hugh’s cause.
    Get a rod and catch your own fish dont be a part of this mess, On the flip side
    if people stop buying fish they will all go to waste, go out of date and get thrown away.
    Fishermen are not going to stop catching fish becuase of less demand from the UK.
    But consumers and the public can let Parliament no how we feel and raise a global issue.

    Don’t apologize for raising this opinion, im sure everyone feels the same way.
    As watermen we can all relate to this.

  • Dewi & Iris Woodward

    It’s ridiculous what’s happening to the fish, it’s upsetting to see all the fish being thrown back into the sea, when there are so many people in the world starving. we would lke to see it stopped hope the Government are going to watch your programme,& do something about it, we support you all the way for what you are doing to help sort out this terrible treatment of the fish.

  • Martin Driscoll

    It is disgusting that good food is being wasted, if a fish is caught (and killed) it should be eaten!

  • paul mowbray

    disgusting for the fisherman they should land everything bring it on hugh

  • Dewi & Iris Woodward

    We think it is terrible what is happening to the fish industry. We have been watching your programme on Channel 4 Hugh’s Fish Fight & its disgusting to see all the fish being thrown back into the sea when there is so many starving people in the world, some of those fish they have to throw back could feed a lot of families. We support you all the way & hope the Government are going to do something about it.

    Dewi & Iris Woodward

  • david quick

    stop this waste NOW !!!

  • gary rix

    great to see someone at last has got the balls to say enough is enough!!!

  • Danielle

    Terrible to see such waste, think of all of the people starving in the world or those that cannot afford to buy fish. It is disgusting what is happening in the fishing industry. We are fishfighters in our household!

  • David smith

    Behind you all the way,discard is totally stupid this needs to change,I love fish and this is totaly disgraceful,well done for doing something about it

  • James Williams

    If you are not going to eat it, don’t kill it. Throwing fish back is sure madness!! throw the politicians to the fish I say!!

  • june irwin

    i am sorry to see this

  • Kay Brain

    What can I say…..Hugh is saying what we all feel!

    Well done….will try to make a mark myself.

  • Tricia Bove

    Hi. Great TV, its about time all this stuff was highlighted, making us all aware of what is going on.
    Support you all the way. Tricia B

  • Pete McAdam

    Shocking!! is the word that comes to mind. Its an apsolute discrace to disreguard animal life this way. If your going to kill any animal, you should have good reason. Meaning to eat it.. To throw it back dead.. I cant understand these stupied people who invent these laws.,
    Go get em Hugh!!!

    I have just watched Hughs fish fight on Ch4+1. Then waited for Jamie Oliver. And then subscribed with pride to Hughs fish fight.
    I can proudly say i have followed Hugh, from when i 1st seen him on tv, ” Cook on the wild Side” to the present.
    I have learnt so much from this passionate honest man throw his tv programs.
    I would love to spend a day in his company fishing.

    I serport Hugh 1000% and wish him the best of luck.

  • Paul Griffiths

    i fully support what you are doing and just hope they listen. This is just waste

  • Anthony Darbyshire

    Various views have expressed concern over discards in the fishing industry. Based on the evidence provided by Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall I would like to express my views on the subject. Scientific research, which I cannot rebut as I have no contrary evidence, states certain species are close to the end of sustainability yet fishermen at a practicable level suggest otherwise. Be that as it may, the logic that netted fish be discarded due to the EU quota system is waste beyond comprehension.

    This issue is beyond any political dogma, it is an issue of common sense or natural environmental justice, understood by the average person but seemingly not by the political authorities. To defy common logic is an injustice that must be rectified and I ask that the British government, Richard Benyon in particular, to do this at the very earliest opportunity. I wish Mr Benyon every success in his endeavours.

    The public must be prepared to accept and be offered a wider variety of fish to support the ending of discards. I trust the government will do all in its powers to guide the EU parliament and the fish-eating public in rectifying the current waste of discards in the fishing industry.

  • Join the campaign

  • Very well done, a terrible waste with so many people dying of starvation in the world. I wanted to sign up but when I submited, I was told e.mail address already exits. No way, I have tryed another address just the same.
    How many people is this happening to ? How many signatures lost ???????????????

  • colin hoare

    just saw your programme on TV about fish discarding. No wonder the fish stock is going down with all the wastage . keep up the good work, keep hounding brussels

  • David Pike

    That’s great every one is up in arms about the waste of good food and I guess people will go on waving their banners in protest for a week or two but like most things with us British we moan for a bit and then just except it, bit like the demos we had when petrol prices hit the £1 mark.
    Hope the fight keeps going but I won’t hold my breath.


  • Did anyone see Gordon’s Shark Bait last night? That was
    an eye opener. The fins are just a symbol of status, this
    issue needs global awareness, and the truth.

  • Zoe

    Brilliant work on the blog. This certainly is a cause worthy of attention!

    Discards, created by destructive fishing techniques and ineffective policy, are a key contributor to the depletion of global fish stocks. Additionally, illegal fishing activities – by unregistered vessels, illegal gear usage, or fishing in resticted areas – also have a massive impact on marine biodiversity, the livelihoods of fishermen, and the food security of some of the world’s poorest people.
    To improve fisheries management and put an end to this madness, SIGN HERE:

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  • Gosh! Look at all of those fishes! Why did they catch it in the first place and throw it back just like that? I agree with what Dewi & Iris Woodward said. They should have just given it to others who strive very hard to have something to eat everyday. This should be disseminated to everyone and stop this maddening act!