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Finisterre went all out when designing the world’s first Cold Water Surf Knife with help from the Royal Family and British Army knife manufacturer Joseph Rodgers and Sons from Sheffield. The design has been such a success that the original limited edition run has already sold out. Drift caught up with Finisterre to discuss its move into equipment from clothing, the world first they achieved and what to look forward to next.

Finisterre designs and manufactures products which enable surfers to perform to the best of their abilities in cold water surf environments. Although traditionally rooted in clothing, the brand has realised the importance of having the right equipment to accompany the journey and set about designing the world’s first Cold Water Surf Knife. “The original brief was to create something simple, built to last, something which can be operated with freezing cold hands, and a product which had a nautical element.” Todd, Head of Product Design and Development, told us.




[pullquote]In the end we opted for a two blade knife. A simple multi-use blade and an additional blade that could handle a flat head, tin opener, and bottle opener in one.[/pullquote]
Working closely with Joseph Rogers over a six-month period, the Finisterre team went through multiple iterations of the knife; “Some of the earlier sketches featured saws, simple triple blade editions, built in fin keys, separate bottle and tin opener blades, a cork handle and various lanyard and clip styles” explained Todd. “We also discussed all of the materials; which were marine friendly, which were most suitable, which steel was best for us, and which wood most resembled driftwood and felt warm to the touch! In the end we opted for a two blade knife. A simple multi-use blade and an additional blade that could handle a flat head, tin opener, and bottle opener in one.”

The knife was then repeatedly tested out in the field, the feedback received was positive and very little was changed from the first prototype version. Todd concludes: “We switched a few things around for ease of use and added a bigger hole in the handle for a decent lanyard. We also decided to remove the 3/32 hex fin key from the main knife. We tried several versions but felt the fin key worked better alone, and by separating it from the knife we also believe we have created a very functional knife tool that is useful for all expeditions. It’s also useful to have a separated fin key.”




Finally, the knife went into production and into stores. Such was the popularity of this unique product that the knife sold out faster than the shelves could be stocked. Todd explained that the brand had plans for the indispensable surf tool: “We will be working on a new knife, The first edition was a special release and it won’t appear again in that guise. I can’t give you the full details as yet but I’d imagine the next version will have a more modern feel.”

As the clothing brand’s first stab at equipment has proven highly successful, Drift eagerly awaits future developments to see how Finisterre can improve the lives of surfers across the globe….again!






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