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Cutting Edge Waterproof Gear for Water Sports

Water sports have always been an enjoyable pastime with devotees all around the world, and they’ve never been as rewarding as they are today. A big part of the reason for this is that the gear used is improving all the time, and its now possible to use tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and cameras underwater.

When it comes to using mobile devices in water the focus has been on developing protective casing that is 100% waterproof, rather than on more effectively waterproofing of the handsets themselves. You need to keep the water off devices completely, and still be able to use them. Cutting edge technology has allowed brands to create products that facilitate underwater use that’s matched closely to the experience enjoyed on land.

iDive Makes Underwater Tablet Use Easy

The latest iPad iDive case is revolutionary, and has changed the way we use tablets underwater. The iDive is the first fully functional housing that allows for the touchscreen to function as usual underwater, making it easy to operate your device while submerged. This means you can relay information back to the surface in real time, take photos and upload them, or even play online casino games underwater!

The casing is designed to withstand extreme pressure and the flexible membrane creates a waterproof barrier that lets the user interact with the tablet as per normal, with no interruptions. The iDive has been tested up to 100m and is certainly a game changer when it comes to waterproof tablet housings.

Underwater Smartphone and Wearable Tech

iPhone and other smartphone waterproof cases have become increasingly popular with those who enjoy water sports, and products such as the LifeProof case let you take your iPhone in up to 6.6 feet of water, for as long as 30 minutes. Waterproof cases with built in lights have also become quite popular and taking photos in the pool, while surfing, or enjoying any other water sport is a huge trend. With the release of the iPhone 7 there are already waterproof cases available on the market, and these include products from Ghostek, i-Blason and Ricele.

For those who wear smartwatches, there are a few different casing options available and as the market for these grows, there are sure to be more released. Currently, most smartwatches are able to survive submersion in shallow water for a short period of time, but cannot be used in deep sea diving, or survive being wet for hours on end. In the future, being able to purchase a smartwatch that can be fully submersed is almost guaranteed, as the technology is available and there is a demand for a product such as this.

Quality Underwater Photos with the Canon 1DX Mark II

The Canon 1DX Mark II will delight photographers and filmmakers alike. It’s a professional-quality camera that can shoot 2 MP stills at 14 fps and 4k 60p video in extremely low light, making it perfect to capture any treasures of the sea you find, no matter how deep you dive. It’s a step up from taking photos with a smartphone or tablet underwater, but it doesn’t have the additional functionality that these devices have.

The 1DX Mark II high quality comes at a fraction of the size and cost of its competitors. It also outperforms favourites including the Sony A7 Series in low noise, when managing the intense requirements of balancing white noise underwater.

The camera shoots broadcast quality 4K motion at a fraction of the size and cost, and outperforms favourites such as the Sony A7 series.

These are just a few of the many state of the art products that have emerged in recent years, and as technology advances, we’re sure to see even more impressive waterproof gear hit the market.

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