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A collectors edition, 2 DVD pack consists of The Endless Summer and The Endless Summer Revisited, is now available to buy.

In a nutshell:

Turn on; tune in; catch the perfect wave. Legendary surf movie director Bruce Brown’s 1966 masterpiece THE ENDLESS SUMMER follows two Californian surfers as they cross the globe on the ultimate surfing adventure.

From the uncharted waters of West Africa to the shark-filled seas of Australia to the tropical paradise of Tahiti, Mike Hynson and Robert August accomplish in a few months what most people never manage in a lifetime… they live their dream.

Featuring a heart-pounding surf rock soundtrack by The Sandals, THE ENDLESS SUMMER is the surf movie – a timeless evocation of the beauty, excitement and passion of the sport. Since wowing cinemagoers in the ‘60s, Oscar-nominated director Bruce Brown’s dazzling account of two surfers’ quest for the perfect wave has captured the imagination of each new generation, captivated by ENDLESS SUMMER’s breathtaking celebration of surfing and surf culture.

However, THE ENDLESS SUMMER has been unavailable on DVD in the UK… until now! This special collector’s edition also includes follow-up film ENDLESS SUMMER REVISITED, making it the perfect DVD for surfers and film fans alike.

Brilliant. A Perfect Movie. A Great Movie.” – The New Yorker

Visually fascinating.” – New York Times

A dazzling ode to the sun, sand and surf.” – Time Magazine

Extraordinary entertainment. Breathtakingly beautiful.” – New York Daily News

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