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cosmic1opener And if all that wasn’t enough, two weeks later we all drove to Liencres (near Santander, Cantabria) for the 5th Amstel Cosmic Children Festival.

A festival that honours the free flow spirit of the 70s as well as Spain’s surfing pioneers. We got lots of peace, free love, vintage boards (plenty of original single and twin fins shaped in the 70s) and some very good and powerful waves on Sunday. Once again Saturday night was epic with, among other bands, the best cover band of The Doors I’ve ever seen: The Other Doors. Do not miss them if they play somewhere near you.

All the photos HERE.

And now we are just trying to recover from all this craziness. We’ve got a month to get rest our limbs, heal our sores and get plenty of energy for the biggest festival of the summer: the 9th Vans Salinas Longboard Festival. After last year’s success (almost 400 registered longboarders + their partners/friends/siblings/offspring/parents/dogs, etc…) this year the organization has extended the festival to four full days (July 29th – August 1st) and added a ton of extra stuff to do. Chris del Moro and Kassia Meador –among others- have already confirmed their presence as no one wants to miss Europe’s biggest longboarding event of the year. Will you?




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