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Surfing on a lake must be impossible, right? Wrong.

This new mini documentary “On Days Like These We Must Surf” shows it’s possible. Maybe not easy. And it looks cold. But definitely possible.

Larry Cavero, the star of this fascinating film, is the focal point of a small, tight-knit, obsessed community in the Toronto area that surfs the Great Lakes. He runs the local surf shop and shares his wave forecasts with fellow surfers.

great-lakes-3Larry was born in Peru in 1969 and surfed to a high standard even competing in the Peruvian nationals. In the early 90s he moved to Toronto and had to sideline the surfing lifestyle. But as any surfer knows going for weeks without catching a wave is torture.

Larry had heard rumors that it was possible to surf on the lakes so spent all his spare time researching how to forecast waves and figuring out where the breaks were. Eventually the work paid off and he started catching waves on regular basis from 2009 with a bunch of equally dedicated (crazy?) surfers.

great-lakes-1Today there is a growing surf scene in the Great Lakes. Conditions might be freezing cold and the waves few and far between but what you going to do when you live so far from the ocean?

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