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We are not just a flock of neoprene in the line-up. We are a brotherhood. A sisterhood. A neighborhood. And with the strength in our numbers ~ we can create positive waves ~ not just surf them.
A fellow brother and sister need our help …

Dear Friends,

As many of you may know, Jeff Ho of the Original Zephyr crew, and his wife Babette are in need of our support, thoughts, and kindness ~ Babette was recently diagnosed with late stage cancer. And while this is always a dreaded diagnosis, with medical advances today, this is a disease that now can be fought and beat. However, with that fight comes medical expenses, and Jeff and Babette need our help and support now more than ever to win this fight.

A simple donation page has been created as a completely anonymous way for all of us to donate to this urgent cause. This website has been set up as a way to raise money for Jeff and Babette that they can use to fight and beat this terrible disease.

The site will be live for donations through the weekend. Once the event closes, a cashier’s check in that amount will be delivered to Jeff and Babette. Every little bit counts no matter how big or small.

Thank you all in advance for your contributions.

With much love,

Guy Okazaki, and Alix Gucovsky on behalf of the Venice Surf and Skate Community.


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