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As surfers we all feel the power of the ocean week in week out and only a fool would take that raw power lightly or without the respect it deserves.

A new show by photographer Nigel Millard captures dramatic images of RNLI Lifeboat service in action in the stormy seas off the British Isles, a service which has saved over 140,000 lives since its foundation in 1824.


The exhibition is a collaboration between photographer Nigel Millard and Finisterre founder, Tom Kay both of whom are volunteer crew members.

“When I founded Finisterre, I loved the fact there was an RNLI lifeboat station 200m from the workshop. As an island nation, our sea faring heritage runs deep and the RNLI is a big part of that. So in 2003 I signed up to the D class ‘Blue Peter IV’ originally as shore crew, then as crew and more recently as helm. It was just one of those things I had to do and I’m proud to do it.” Tom Kay said

Not many company directors are called out to sea at a moment’s notice during a normal working day, however Tom Kay’s personal involvement at the St Agnes lifeboat station led to the idea of highlighting some of the brave souls who volunteer – ordinary people doing extraordinary things in one of the wildest environments on the planet.


“The stories you hear are true, in that it’s a regular bunch of men and women who volunteer and train hard in case they are called out on a ‘shout’. On its day St. Agnes can be one of the roughest surf stations the RNLI operates. Helming or crewing in such seas is a real test and many a time you feel insignificant navigating mountains of green breaking water, howling winds and countless whitecaps.” Tom added.

Volunteers Who Brave The Sea by Nigel Millard’s is running at Finisterre’s Covent Garden store from 11 February to 18 April.




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