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So with this reoccurring theme of a clear passion for the outdoors and adventure, it makes you wonder why they wouldn’t go further a field. That seems to be the standard for such situations. Well, as Christian puts it: “Scotland was a natural choice, because Passenger (who set the trip up) are a UK based brand. At that time in February you have snow in the mountains, in the highlands, but you also have green forresty pine and you also have ocean and there’s swell, so it really came together. It was everything that the brand encompasses.”

passenger scotland

The trip saw the boys drive from Liverpool to Scotland and spend a couple nights in the Highlands, before moving onto Thurso

The trip saw the boys drive from Liverpool to Scotland and spend a couple nights in the Highlands, before moving onto Thurso, one of the top UK surf spots, and along the North shore into the Isle of Skye.
What was described as a scenic trip had Christian so excited about every potential image he could capture that they were “stopping every fricking five minutes,” as Barry put it.
Meeting others on the way and sleeping in a teepee, the boys braved the temperatures of the Scottish winter all in the name of adventure.
Unfortunately the timing was wrong, and when they made it to Thurso it wasn’t breaking, but when a door closes a window opens:

“We went to this other little wave down the road and ended up meeting these Canadian surfers, Pete Devries and Noah Cohen, they were shooting for a movie up there. They were on a mad trip. I mean they were doing Iceland, Scotland, and the Faroe Islands, and they were doing like four days in each one or something crazy. They literally had two days left in Scotland and they were renting a place down the road. They were in the water when we first pulled up to this wave, so we watched them surf the last of their session, and I made them bacon sandwiches and coffee, and asked them if we could stay in their back garden,” Barry laughed.

passenger scotland

How does such an idea go from conception, to growth, to birth, to life. With such an epic trip, one would expect an epic answer; although this trip was epic, the answer was humble:

“I throw Richard images for his social media and what not, but then when he had an idea to do this trip through Scotland for his Autumn/Winter campaign he was just frothing. It’s so cool to see people that are happy, especially when it comes to people who are parallel. So like, Barry and I are parallel in terms of adventure, and with Richard it’s the exact same. Like, full on, loved being in the forest, loves being in the ocean, yeah, he just obviously spotted the same in me and wanted to work together.”

Like any true artist, Christian has his methods. While many may feel they’re unorthodox, or just lazy, there’s definitely some method in his madness: “I always tend to go to a place, whether it’s Iceland, or Bali, or Australia, or France, or Germany, wherever it is. I go with open eyes and kind of, I hate saying it, but I wing it.” he laughs

passenger scotland
Although traditionalists will say planning and preparation are key, that’s just not his style – and it’s hard to argue with the results:

“I end up trying to portray a little bit more than that when I’m doing the trip. Because it’s hard to tell the future, no-one can tell the future, so I always just let it happen the way it happens, and do my best with what I’ve got. And it’s always worked to my favour, the images you see, I have ideas, I’ll go oh that would look really cool as a landscape, or oh it’d be cool if a guy was over there.  But, only when I see it can I really imagine it.”

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