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If you’ve ever been curious about how the folks at Otter Surfboards build their wooden surfboards, then now is your chance to have a poke around their workshop and ask them some questions.  Otter are ‘open late’ from 6pm on Friday 12 June so that anybody who’s interested can head along to their workshop after work and join them for a bbq and a few beers.  The workshop will be open with a couple of partially built wooden surfboards on the trestles and they’ll also be screening Romain Juchereau’s film “Behind The Tide” from 8pm.

The open workshop evening is a chance for anybody to come up and sate their curiosity

“We love it when people stop by the workshop to check out what we do here, but there are a lot of people who might not visit unless they’re passing or not feel like just “having a look” is a good enough reason to visit us.  The open workshop evening is a chance for anybody to come up and sate their curiosity.  We’re going to do a normal day of work and then light the bbq and open a few beers. We’re going to project Behind the Tide onto the back wall of the workshop and make an evening out of it, and anybody’s welcome to join us.” Otter Surfboards owner James told Drift

The event kicks off at 6pm on Friday 12 June at the Otter Surfboards workshop at 6, Mount Pleasant Eco Park, Porthtowan, Cornwall.  TR4 8HL.

Hot dogs and beer will be available, otherwise please feel free to BYO.

For further details contact James on [email protected] 
or 07738 688 165


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