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Were you in Halloween dress as well?

Rory- No, but I’d bought a new shirt, called the Mustard Tiger. I bought it In Croyde and err, I wore that and I was a bit nervous because I hadn’t worn it before but it was great!

Jed- Rory has names for his clothes.

Rory- No, Pete named my clothes.

Jed- His looks develop their own personality.

Rory- I have a “new look plan” at the moment but someone said that I looked like I was going bowling. It was quite a new shiny jacket and it made me look as if I was in an American Bowling team.

Sunset Sons

You’ll be playing Boardmasters and the Isle of White Festival this year. Are there any other UK festivals you want to play?

Rory- The Pyramid stage at Glastonbury is the dream. We’ve done Reading and Leeds, which was fun. We’re hoping to do that again.

Jed- I’m looking really forward to doing Boardmasters again. They’ve got us back and we’re high up on the bill.

Rory, I saw that you’ve taken part in a Tattoo campaign by Surfers Against Sewage. How did you get in to that?

Rory- Well we did a show for them at Boardmasters last year, and then we did a beach clean with them in Croyde so we were on their radar and they kindly asked if i’d like to be part of it. I was stoked! And our friend Ben (Skinner) also took part. I think it’s a great campaign; we fully support what those guys are doing. I think we’re going to do a little show for them at Boardmasters again. I don’t know if that’s a secret but the secret is now out!

So I know that the goal posts for you must be constantly changing all the time, but what is your current aim now as a band?

Jed- To still be doing this in 10 years time. More and more shows! Like, the record’s sounding good and it’s getting more exciting every time we hear it so we’re buzzing to get that all finished. We’ve got a new single coming out soon as well and we’re making a video so we’ll just keep on keeping on.

Rory- We’re really proud of the album and we think the songs are great and if the same reaction happens, like wherever it gets released then that would be amazing. But at the moment the UK is really supporting us and we just hope they like it and it goes down well.

Can we know the name of your new single or are you keeping the name under wraps for now?

Rory- We can’t tell you that yet!!

Sunset Sons

What would you each be doing now career wise if you weren’t in the band?

Rory- Well Pete’s cousin had me working in the kitchen washing dishes.

Pete- Rory ‘s the best dishwasher Le Surfing has ever seen.

I’d probably just be in my garden, chopping some wood and tinkering

Rory- Well apparently not, because he said that he would’ve sacked me if I hadn’t got into the band. So I don’t know what I’d be doing! I was slow but I’ve always thought quality not quantity you know…

Pete- Slow but thorough…but that doesn’t work in a kitchen! I’d be an electrician, that’s what I worked as in Australia. What would you be Rob?

Rob- Err, don’t know, I could work in a shoe shop…. or maybe try my hand at a bit of DIY. Jed would be a lumberjack, I’ve seen him swing an axe.

Jed- I wouldn’t be a lumberjack, I’d probably just be in my garden. Chopping some wood and tinkering. Weeding.


I don’t think the boys will be weeding or working in shoe shops any time soon. Catch the guys in the UK in May, before they head off to the US.

For more information, check out their website for upcoming dates or follow their antics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud


Words by Anya Gilbert

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