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So what type of music would you say you play?

Jed– Rock and Roll!

Rory– We’re not scared of big choruses!


Sunset Sons

Is your style changing as you write more and more songs?

Jed- One thing that is different is like, when you’re first in a band and you’re writing music and playing stuff, there’s only four of you in the room. And it’s cool because you’re just doing it for yourselves. And we’re still just doing it for ourselves, but it’s quite exciting to know now that when your write more music, people are going to hear it. That doesn’t have anything to do with how or what we write but it’s an exciting notion to know that we’re going to make something, and then tonnes of people are going to hear it.

Rory- Yeah, when we were writing pretty much most of the album last winter, it was just us four, writing our music and hoping something might happen. You never expect anyone to hear it, so the fact that people are is exciting. Also though, I think the nice thing is that it doesn’t feel like a job even though it is a job, because all we’re doing is writing and playing more music. We’re trying different things and experimenting. Song writing is very exciting at the moment.

Pete- We just write what we like.

Jed– Everything changes depending on what moods each of us are in on the day. So some days it might sound a bit rotten and other days it might be more chilled out or a bit dark depending on what side of the bed Rory’s got out of…

When you were growing up, did you all have musicians or bands that really influenced the style of music you like to play now?

Rory- We had a LP/ record player at home and I was obsessed with Freddie Mercury. I’d play queen over and over again.

Jed- You should see the moustache he shaves up now and again…

Rory- By the end of the last tour the tash was looking pretty strong.

Jed- Mine’s easy, Bruce Springsteen.

Rob- I was an angsty teenager and I loved Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. That’s what started me on the guitar.

Pete- I was into rock when I was younger. I was a skater and loved punk, but the first thing I remember was that I really liked the swearing in Get in the ring by Guns and Roses. It’s got like, this big bit in the middle and I’d just go blasting around on my skateboard to it.

Rory- It was filled with naughty words…

Do you find that the audience still gives you a big buzz?

Rory– Hell yeah! But if the audience isn’t buzzing, we then have to buzz off each other.

Jed- It’s a two way street.

Pete- We’ve played for some arsy French crowds and once you win them over, you feel like you could win anyone over.

Rory– We love playing any show anyway but you saw the St Ives crowd and Perranporth was epic! When the crowd reacts like that you know, there’s no way you can’t enjoy it.

Sunset Sons

So you’re about to go on tour, where’s your first gig?

Jed- Zermatt! Up a mountain! We’ve got 3 gigs lined up for Zermatt Unplugged Festival so we’ll be playing acoustic. It’ll ease us in gently.

Have you played a lot of the places you’re going to on tour before? Which gigs are you most looking forward to playing?

Pete- We have played Holland before. They were wicked, but most of the places will be a first for us. I’m specifically looking forward to Berlin. They really get involved with stuff they like in Germany.

Rory- But we’ve also just sorted our London show and that’ll be our biggest ticketed show yet. It’ll be in front of like 800 or 900 people. So that’s exciting! But after the UK tour, we’ll do a US tour as well. So to be playing as a band in America is big for us.

Best of luck, can you tell me when will that be happening?

Rory- End of May, start of June

Do you have a favourite tour memory?

Jed- Yeah! Basically we were in a hotel with our tour manager Rusty, in Glasgow…

Rory- We’d had a nightmarish day driving for like six or seven hours, the GPS stuffed us round and we went in for a sound check and then finally all everyone wanted to do was have a shower. So we all high-tailed it to the hotel for a 15 minute turn-around before going out again, but this was more panicked than normal, and we get five floors up in the hotel, get out of the lift and as we turned round, the lift doors shut and carried our tour manager Rusty all the way back down again.

Jed- He’d been trying to gather his bags and as we all walked out the lift we were like “Rusty what are you doing?!” and he was like “NO NO NO NO!”. We just watched the doors shut. After the day we’d had we were just so frazzled and that really boosted everyone’s moral.

Pete- The last gig in Birmingham was a good one too, when you got everyone shouting “Rusty”. We love him dearly.

Rob- I’d have to say that one of the best moments on tour was a show we did in Koko in Camden to 1500 people, and we played for 20 minutes and it was 20 minutes of madness. It was the best gig.

Jed- Yeah they were all dressed up stupidly for Halloween and it was a club night and the second we walked on it was crazy and they all sang the words to the songs.

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