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From sinking subways to surfing Snowdonia, it has certainly been an epic year for surf as a whole and not least for us over at Drift.

We would like to wish all of our readers and contributors a quality festive period and our best wishes for the new year…

Without further ado, here is our round of the top 20 things that have rocked our world this year…


New York sinks subway trains to make artificial reef

The New York City Transit department has been involved with a huge artificial reef building programme across vast swathes of the US coastline by dumping decommissioned subway trains into the Atlantic.


19-year-old Devon lad sneaks into Big Wave Peahi comp

Imagine being 19 and after surfing for only five years (mostly in Sidmouth – it’s so bad you’ve never heard of it!) and deciding to fly to Maui to paddle out at Peahi and ride it!


Life and surf in Barcelona

Surfing in Barcelona is not an oxymoron. As most dedicated surfers know well, the Mediterranean produces some great waves when all the elements come together.


Are you surfing the wrong board?

How surfboard volume is changing the industry. Lately, you will notice more and more shapers and surfers using volume metrics and surfboard volume calculators to really dial in their equipment.


Things you should probably know about good surfboards…

Unless you’re just starting out it’s highly likely that you have formed or you’re in the process of forming preferences towards what you see as a ‘good surfboard’.


Roll with it…

A UK surf entrepreneur is building the ultimate surfing experience by converting a 7.5 ton removals truck into an epic surf motor.


Think surf photography is dangerous? Think again…

CJ Kale a photographer from Hawaii is believed to be the first ever person to film molten lava entering the ocean and meeting with the breaking waves.


South American shapers: The Real Deal…

Part one of a two part series into South American shapers. Over the last 25 years there has been exponential growth of surfing in Argentina. From very few in the early 60s & 70s to today’s overcrowded lineups, there is always a shaper doing his best to give us a decent board.


The sport’s most influential boardmaker?

When the annual Noosa Festival of Surfing is in full swing and five feet of near-perfect ground swell grace its numerous breaks, the local points are inundated with a healthy array of the world’s best longboarders. Taylor Jensen, Harley Ingleby, Joel Tudor, Alex Knost, C.J. Nelson – this just the tip of the tantalising iceberg of a veritable who’s who of modern surfing.


Shaping up a storm

Drift speaks to the Irish brothers making waves with their revolutionary new board designs.


A testing time for Finisterre…

‘You rip it off, rake it across the tarmac, piss in it and then expect to send it back for a refund, nothing comes harder than getting a wetsuit right,’ Tom Kay, Finisterre founder, said about the challenges they faced when making their first wetsuit.


George Greenough: The shark diaries

A collection of surf stalwart George Greenough’s personal encounters with sharks including his own handwritten notes.


Frozen tips and toes

Surf photographer and Drift chum Nick Pumphrey loves those northern adventures and it’s not hard to see why. Here with athletes Aline Bock & Lena Stoffel and film makers Matt McHattie, Sebastian Schramm he heads to the magical Lofoten islands, Norway in search of Atlantic gold and empty line-ups.


Bustin’ down the bodysurfing door

I, like so many in this country, got bitten by the surfing bug, and that little sucker has left teeth marks that will scar for life.


For some the dream is already dead…

For some, this dream is already dead. Toss the Lei and make no mistake; no longer can you rock up to your shaper who you’ve known for years, wearing their own brand of apparel, to check up on your hand-crafted, locally sourced board.


From Mining Minnow to Surfing Mecca

The things they didn’t tell you about unlikely story of a small welsh mining village and Surf Snowdonia…


Pier wars – Fight on: Surfers vs Fishers

“Go surf on the other side!” the fisher yelled down at me from atop a pier in San Diego.

“Why don’t you go fish on the other side?” I called back. And so it began, another conflict between a surfer and a fisher over a patch of ocean both wanted to use at the same time.


Do you know the world’s best longboard waves?

To anyone who has attempted to cross the invisible line in the sand between the surf centre of Morocco and the no man’s land of Western Sahara can affirm surf exploration is hard!


Don’t trust us but we make the worst surfboards…

With the Portuguese leg of the WSL just around the corner we took some time out to live like a local and hang out with the Lisbon Crooks. An energetic enigmatic bunch that have been making surfboards since at least ‘last weekend’ as they told us…


Welcome to 6mm Rubber Land – Deep fried Mars bars

The first of a five part series from the team behind the Headache cold water surf film. Drift has exclusive access to the crew and riders as they head their way from one big icy swell to another – taking in Scotland, Germany, Iceland, Denmark and Helgoland…

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