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Is there a specific meaning to the title ‘Behind the Tide’?

At the start, I wanted to bring the interest around the artists and creative people who were working between surf sessions. I figured the best way to represent this was to talk about the tide going up and down, similar to a surfer who would come back from working on a project to surf his home spot depending on what tide is needed for the surf spot to work. So the first title was Behind The Slide and I remember I was having lunch at the Gwithian Cafe with my partner Faye and a good friend Karl Mackie at the time and we were talking about the title of the film and then someone came out with the word Tide. The three of us went silent and smiled, we decided to keep this name after that.

Romain Juchereau

What projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m still working on promoting the film at the moment which involves organising events and getting the film in to the hands of festival organisers. I’ve got some new projects in mind but it will take me a few years to get them started. I put my passion for shooting films and polaroid aside for the last few months so I’m going to focus back on my analog photography work this year and try to organise some exhibitions.

Are any more films in the pipeline?

Not at the minute but I do have a project in mind involving 16mm film. When I started Behind The Tide I wanted to film it in 16mm but the budget was far too high. With the cost of the film rolls and the developing, I just simply couldn’t afford it at the time. Hopefully, I’ll be in a position to film in 16mm for the next surf film project.

You’ve mentioned that out of the Cornish waves Gwenvor is one of your favourites. Is this still the case?

I lived in St Ives, Cornwall for three and half years, I was amazed by the quality of the waves and the clear water. I mentioned Gwenvor as one of my favorites, but Godrevy and Porthmeor were the spots I surfed the most. The breakwater and Hawkes point were my two favourite waves when the swell was big enough for those two spots to work.

Romain Juchereau

Have you surfed anywhere else in the UK?

I’ve surfed in Devon, good waves too, didn’t stay long though, I’m sure there are plenty of great spots there too. I miss surfing surrounded by seals!

I’ve noticed you ride a Neal Purchase Jnr 6’5 single fin, is this your first choice of board? I’ve just started riding a single fin myself, what is it about a single fin that attracts you?

I ride logs most of the time, but I love riding single fin and twin fin, especially the 6’5 Neal purchase Jnr

I ride logs most of the time, but I love riding single fin and twin fin, especially the 6’5 Neal purchase Jnr, this one has a flat deck with edgier rails which gives extra volumes on the deck. This board is still pretty snappy and it’s a real pleasure for cut backs. Surfing on a single fin is smoother in general, I prefer more cruisy surfing than tights manoeuvres myself. I’m very inspired by 1970s surfing, Wayne lynch is one of my favourite surfers from that time.

Is there anything else you’d like to throw in?

Yes, I would like to thank Passenger and all the other brands and individuals who have helped me and supported this project. And also a big thank you to Mackie Studio who made the website and the DVD cover which I love. We need to support new and local talent. There’s been a lot of support from independent brands and local shops who have been showing the movie.


Behind The Tide is still touring and can be seen at various Surf Film Festival’s around the globe.

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