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Bamboozz, the eco-friendly sunglasses company that has been making waves since 2013, have smashed back onto the scene with a brand new website and a sharp new range of their environmentally friendly sunnies.

Bamboozz bamboo sunglasses are head and shoulders above their plastic counterparts for many reasons, not least the general nurturing effect on the environment. So, as well as being nothing short of the coolest eyewear available you can also be assured that these glasses have been made with our precious planet in mind.

Rounded Wood Black

Back to black: The Rounded Wood Black model

As well the vast environmental goodness that makes up every set, they are also backed up with high-quality premium polarized lenses. These will block out 100% of UVA/UVB along with 98% of blue light, making sure your eyes are properly protected from the worst the sun can shine at you.

Plus being made from wood these glasses have the added bonus of incredibly floating on water. So if you drop them in the drink, they are always coming back to you.

Green is good

The cultivation of bamboo helps in the balancing of the gaseous system in the environment. The Harvesting and processing of bamboo for its use in the production of glass frames is also safe without causing environmental hazards.

Skateboard Wood Blue model

Heaven is a halfpipe: The Skateboard Wood Blue model

Bamboo is a natural product whose waste decomposes and helps enrich the quality of the soil. When compared to plastics, bamboo is superior because it does not contribute to environmental degradation. The use of bamboo as a preferred material helps to save the worlds forests since the need will be emphasised in the harvest of bamboo rather than trees.

Once harvested, new bamboo shoots sprout from the roots that had remained in the ground so the cutting process sees the whole cycle start again.

All in all, these glasses not only look brilliant but they are also super-strong, durable and an environmentally sound product that really stands out from the crowd.

To get your hands on a pair visit the Bambooz website here

Skateboard Wood Blue model

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