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Created by surf enthusiasts dedicated to surfing for over 25 years, 6 Feet and Perfect is an online gallery dedicated to the world of surfing.

We were introduced to this gallery by Edouard de Dreuzy, its online curator. The gallery exhibits photography of some of the most beautiful waves in the world : Hawaii, Tahiti, California and also Pays Basque, Landes, Spain and other areas of the rich European surf culture.

The website displays the most striking work by professionnel surfers: Ben Lee, Tyler Cuddy, Matt Clark, Olivier Payet, Cesar Ancelle-Hansen, Chris Burkard (check Drift in a few weeks for a feature on Chris), Steve Fitzpatrick and many more.

Ed answered a few quick fire questions about his gallery.

Why open a photo gallery dedicated to surfing?
We are used to seeing these beautiful photographs in magazines or on our computers. They deserve to be displayed better, hung on wall, as a genuine work of art.

Explain to us about 6 Feet and Perfect
6 Feet and Perfect brings together a selection of photographs from several photographers from around the world. We produce silver emulsion prints that are numbered and signed by the photographer and are ready to hang.

What is your idea of a successful photograph?
First of all it’s the energy that we find in the photograph. The photographer tries to capture what all surfers know how to enjoy; the unique power of the wave, light, contrast and atmosphere. Sometimes the photographer succeeds in obtaining a small piece of the big picture. When this occurs, it’s a work of art.

What does photography bring to you?
Photography has always accompanied my passion for surf. Certain photos that I have often seen are linked to periods of my life as a surfer. For example the photograph of a cutback by Tom Servais or of Tom Curren at Backdoor or the photos of longboarders by LeRoy Grannis. I like to engage the photographers’ passion.

Which photographs in the gallery develop this sense of emotion the most?
The elegance of “Moments Past” by Tyler Cuddy, the atmosphere of the “Lone Surfer” by Matt Clark, the timelessness of “The Coast” by César Ancelle-Hansen or the balance of “Vity” taken by Jaider Lozano. I also enjoy the lighting in the photograph “Deep Cover” by Chris Barkard.

Why call your gallery 6 Feet and Perfect?
When it’s glassy and organised, with an offshore wind in the early morning… The excitement really speaks to you, doesn’t it?

Stop by and visit online or at 16 Rue Malar, 75007 Paris, France.

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